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A market economy involves the exchanges of goods or services and information. A service industry is focused on the exchange of services between companies and their end-user consumers. Markets are governed by supply and demand. Increasingly, consumers and companies are requiring higher and higher levels of service and more convenient access to information. Unlike in manufacturing industries, service marketers are faced with the need to provide value based on intangibles that can be difficult to quantify and deliver.

The service industry is generally believed to require person-to-person contact in the delivery of, sometimes, intangible products. Service industries include everything from business consulting to health care to education. Market trends in the service industry are being impacted primarily by the use of technology to streamline operations, provide resources to staff, and, in some cases, to replace the need for staff.

Elanders contributes to developing our customers’ business and improving their competitive power. The Group’s overall goal is to be a leader in global solutions in supply chain, print & packaging and e-commerce with a world class integrated offer.

Through our global presence Elanders has developed cost effective, flexible and scalable solutions for companies within the Service Sector.

Last updated 5/30/2016

Elanders offers different products and services necessary for a product to reach the end consumer. Our offer comprises everything from a comprehensive responsibility for complex and global deliveries including purchasing, configuration, production, picking, distribution, payment solutions and after sales services to producing single printed matter and packaging.

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Case Studies

Some of our most challenging and exciting assignments are presented in our Portfolio.


Case Studies

Some of our most challenging and exciting assignments are presented in our Portfolio. The common denominator is that our customers have had special requests that Elanders has been able to meet, and in some cases more than one of our production units have been involved.

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