Digital Printing at Elanders UK

Forget what you know about print (well, not completely!). But forget the limitations you think you know about the traditional printing processes. At Elanders, we want to help you see things differently…

And by differently, we mean better, more exciting, eye catching and appealing to your audience.

Digital printing technology has revolutionised the print industry; allowing us access to a host of options that can push the limits when it comes to your print work.

We are proud to be at the forefront of these developments. We’ve offered digital printing for over a decade and we’re passionate about helping our customers use it to its main advantage.


What is digital printing?

It is a method of printing that uses a digital-based image that is directly transferred to a form of media. Unlike offset printing, digital does not carry the additional set-up costs (such as plate making) so is ideal for shorter run printing jobs.

But…don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all it can do. In fact, there are so many benefits to digital print and we want to make sure you knew so that you can make the most of these for your next promotional literature, direct mail, campaign literature and much, much more.

  • Personalise to make your audience feel special. Get closer to customers by producing targeted communications, personal to them. This works in an incredibly simple way. All you need to do is identify on your artwork where the variable data needs to go, give us the data to include and we’ll do all the rest. The result? A set of materials which are unique to each customer. See more about this on our variable data printing page.
  • Print on demand if you want to keep your costs and quantities low, but your quality high. Business cards are often ones of those things you don’t want to order thousands of so that you don’t have them lying around waiting to be used – and what if some of your contact details change in that time? You need a way to avoid wasting print and the money you spend. Digital print gives the option of printing on demand as and when needed with extremely fast turnaround time, meaning when you are running low, it won’t take another week to get more in and you can always keep to content up to date. Perfect for printing on the go. See our printing on demand page for the variety of products you can print in this way.
  • Increase your ROI. Research shows that you can increase your response rate up to five times by using personal data. If you don’t believe us, think about the last time you got something in the post with your name on it. Then compare it with the many letters you get that say ‘Dear householder….’. No contest! Emotional messages resonate better – our recent blog article gives you more information on this.


Why Elanders digital printing?

With our experience, knowledge and passion for print, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Within our digital printing department, we can offer;

Brochure printing

Barcode printing

Personalised printing


Need more evidence, read how Bosch used digital print, along with other Elanders services to become more efficient and reduce their overheads by bringing all requirements together, under one roof.

Last updated 16th Jun 2014