As part of Elanders sustainability work, and to actively contribute to a more circular society, Elanders and Universeum have signed a partnering contract. Universeum is Sweden’s national Science Center and a powerful arena for education and public education in science, technology and sustainable development.


”Together with Universeum we want to raise public awareness about not letting, for example, functioning mobile phones and computers lie around the house or end up in recycling. The largest environmental impact from these products occurs when they are manufactured which is why it’s so important that the lifetime of these products is as long as possible. We can generate enormous environmental gains through this,” says Fanny Rosin, responsible for this initiative within Elanders.

In Elanders’ service area Life Cycle Management Elanders helps its customers take care of used IT equipment. The devices are renovated and restored and then sold to a network of various customers. Many of these customers want to reduce their environmental impact by buying used IT devices. Only a small part of all electronic equipment is currently collected and properly taken care of. Reusing a product before it’s recycled creates major environmental gains.

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Last updated 11/24/2020

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