pakadoo – Parcels to the office

Today consumers order goods online that are packed in just a few days or even hours and then sent to points all over the world. Far too often though the parcel cannot be delivered to the recipients since they are not at home during the day.

With Elanders’ innovative service pakadoo the parcel is delivered to the recipient’s workplace and can easily be gotten using a code. This makes for reducing last mile efforts and CO2 emissions, increasing security and simplicity of the delivery of parcels to consumers as well as more satisfied employees. A win-win-win situation!

pakadoo enables the receipt and return of private parcels at the workplace in an easy, secure and comfortable way – no matter which parcel delivery service is used. The employee saves time and unnecessary journeys to neighbors or the local post office to collect his parcels. For the employer pakadoo is a caring benefit that allows employees to concentrate on work and have more spare time. This also means higher productivity since employees don’t have to worry about when to pick up their parcel.

pakadoo increases package distribution security and is good for the environment since amassing deliveries means less CO2 emissions. All the employer needs to do is organize the reception and distribution within the company’s regular parcel distribution. The carrier makes fewer stops and has a 100 percent delivery rate – this means around 40 percent lower costs for transportation. The high level of security makes the service attractive to the online shops, as does the growing customer base. A survey shows that over 30 percent of employees at pakadoo-connected workplaces order more online. When enough companies are connected pakadoo also becomes an effective marketing channel. Large online shops that have already support pakadoo include Amazon and Zalando in Germany. The service is already offered to the employees of more than 100 major companies in Germany.


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