Medical rental

Elanders global supply chain set up are a perfect match for the life science and healthcare industry, our scalable and flexible solutions creates the possibility for our clients to meet the changes in the market.

A global medical company wanted to outsource the whole process for their rental devices. The client wanted to create a better and more controlled process, secure cost levels and increase visibility for sales people and other stake holders.

Elanders Order Management System is a single source that can be used to process all orders, view inventory levels, outgoing order shipments, product returns, generate dynamic reports and more – all in real time. With this solution the client were given a tool to manage the total process.

Our customer has achieved their goals to streamline the rental workflow, empower sales persons with real-time information, maximize availability and ensuring compliance with brand’s approval process and state regulations.

Customer statement: “We have increased the utilization of all devices by more than 30% while spending much less time on the process.”


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