The innovative QUANT e-Sportslimousine attracted a great deal of attention when it was presented at the Genfer Motorshow in March 2014. The electric car has completely newly developed technology that delivers 925 horsepower, making it a top class sports car.

The presentation was supported by a high quality brochure, produced at Elanders Germany. Many visitors were surprised by the design of the brochure and it was the perfect giveaway from the launch.

Elanders used three advanced finishes that reflected the model’s futuristic car feeling: nano-matte foil lamination, blue hot foil stamping and a glossy UV-varnish in certain details.

The manufacturer nanoFLOWCELL in Lichtenstein has begun test-driving and planning for serial production. Flow cell technology works like fuel cell technology but uses salt water instead of hydrogen. When the water is pressed through a membrane an electric current is generated which is used to drive the car together with the electric motor placed next to every tire. It can travel as far as 60 miles.

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