Supply chain management is managing and optimizing the flow of goods, money and information between manufacturer and end customer. Supply chain is a channel for flows of supplies or flow economy which is the flow of everything from raw material and components to money, goods or information from supplier to end customer linking every step in production. Many different players work together directly or indirectly to deliver an ordered product.


Elanders offers its customers comprehensive global solutions in supply chain. They include the handling of everything from receiving orders, procurement, purchasing and inventory management to configuration, manufacture and delivery. Elanders also handles payment flows, synchronizing purchasing and inventory with demand and after sales service for global logistics solutions, as well as handling returned or damaged goods. Elanders often works within a tight timeframe but still must meet industrial standards and regulations. In addition, more and more stringent environmental demands heighten the complexity of the support chain which, in turn, requires more specialist knowledge.

Efficient management of supply chain involves an extensive exchange of information between all interested parties: consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics service suppliers, distributors and retailers. A credible offer in supply chain management has to include advanced solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI) between the supply chain management company and customers’ business systems.

Elanders has developed advanced IT systems that enable individual solutions adapted to the unique needs of each customer. The systems can be integrated with the customers’ business systems and be linked to e-commerce platforms for handling customer service and after sales service.

An effective supply chain is a competitive edge and crucial to the survival of any company in production, particularly in a global economy.

Graphic services such as printing manuals, labels and packaging for the products and components that customers produce are an essential part of a supply chain management offer.