Risk & uncertainty factors

Elanders divides risks into business risks (customer concentration, operational risk, risks in operating expenses, contracts and disputes), financial risks (currency, interest, financing/liquidity and credit risk) as well as circumstantial risks (business cycle sensitivity and the future of the services/products).

For more detailed information than given below, as well as a sensitivity analysis, please see pages 42-43 in the 2018 Annual Report.

Last updated 3/27/2019

Elanders encounters risks in operations daily and normally these are within the Group’s control. Group Management’s close collaboration with the different group operations is a key factor in controlling these risks.

The greatest financial risks for Elanders are currency risk, interest risk and financing/liquidity risk.

The external factors that have the greatest impact on Elanders operations are global economy and the future for the Group’s products and services. Since these factors are outside of group control we continuously work to adjust operations to meet the new conditions.

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