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The new supply chain paradigms that are emerging globally require regional capabilities that include various final touch manufacturing services. Elanders Business Process Outsourcing experience has been a valuable asset in the creation of a solution that is customized to meet each client’s requirements.

We are equipped to undertake all manufacturing processes, from simple packaging of semi-finished products, to complicated testing and assembling of high-technology products. The product mix may either be low-volume high-mix or vice versa, depending on the customer’s specific manufacturing objectives and demands. Armed with strong engineering expertise and vast experience in nimble manufacturing processes, Elanders is able to build enduring win-win partnerships with customers to consistently meet time-to-market and time-to-volume requirements.

  • Assembly & Test
  • Configuration / Localization
  • Software on CDs, DVDs and USBs

Last updated 5/30/2016

Global on demand deliveries
A global truck manufacturer was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants.

Global just-in-time deliveries
A global car manufacturer had a need to find a partner that could supply all their factories with owner’s manuals.

Reverse logistics
Elanders has developed a process where used servers are collected and then refurbished at Elanders’ supply chain center.

Global B2B and B2C – e-Commerce
A complete e-Commerce process from webshop design to end delivery by logistics partners.

Global B2B e-Commerce solution
For a client Elanders developed a global B2B e-Commerce solution where all products and material were easy to access and order.


Case Study:
Global configuration and fulfillment

Reduced time to market through product postponement.


Case Study:
Global configuration and fulfillment

Our postponement and product configuration services enable our clients to reduce costs and time to market. With our knowledge of best practices, our global perspective and our local knowledge we can offer our clients the best solution for each market around the world.

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Case Study:
Medical consumable products

Reduce time to market with Elanders Supply Chain Planning.


Case Study:
Medical consumable products

Elanders global supply chain set up are a perfect match for the life science and healthcare industry, our scalable and flexible solutions creates the possibility for our clients to meet the changes in the market.

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