Elanders partner MEMRY challenges Facebook and Instagram

10/27/2015 2:24:07 pm


MEMRY is a Swedish app manufacturer that challenges Facebook and Instagram with its new photo book format. MEMRY is about to move into e-commerce, bringing with it print solutions.

MEMRY functions as a social platform where you follow your friends but instead of sharing individual images like in Instagram, MEMRY is focused on creating and sharing entire albums. MEMRY’s users can post up to 35 pictures and videos per album and then share them with their friends or keep them for themselves.

Together with Elanders Group MEMRY has developed a solution for printing MEMRY albums as photo books.

Photo books are a photo product that is constantly growing in popularity. Currently creating a photo book takes time since users usually have to download software to produce a photo book online. MEMRY’s goal is that in only 90 seconds a photo book will be created from a MEMRY album, ordered and ready for delivery worldwide. This unique feature and add-on will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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