Do you want to improve your external and internal communication and make it more effective? With Elanders Crossmedia your marketing activities become measureable and you can achieve better results while reducing your costs!

Elanders Crossmedia is a tool for customized communication with publishing in all kinds of media. Classic postal letters are effectively combined with email, mobiles and the Web. By coordinating messages in several kinds of media you get maximum effect and increase the response rate, at the same time you reduce the risk that the recipient misses your message.

You can easily respond to each individual customer with a personal message adapted to her or him. This makes the message interesting and increases the probability that the customer will react to your communication.

Responses can be followed through a real time updated control panel showing all the answers from recipients. This in turns makes it possible to adjust ongoing campaigns. Moreover, the statistics can be of great use for making future campaigns more effective by using the right media for each respondent. Additionally, Crossmedia is a perfect tool for client prospecting and member activities and can increase your sales by enabling purchases via PayPal directly in the campaign.

With this tool you increase the impact of your communication, facilitate customer service, simplify cultivating prospects and can with small means enhance your company brand and become first in mind among your clients.

Some of the areas of use are:

  • Direct marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Customer Surveys
  • Birthday greetings
  • Event marketing
  • Visitor management
  • Campaign websites
  • Mobile websites
  • Prospect management
  • Distribution of marketing material
  • Market analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data collection


In the leaflet below you can read more about Elanders Crossmedia.


Would you like to learn more about Elanders Crossmedia? Please contact us and we will tell you more about what we can do for you and your company!

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