At Elanders we are specialists; adding value to the work of our clients by responding to their needs and objectives with carefully chosen products and services that will help them get to where they need to be.

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Elanders Ltd is a manufacturing business offering global solutions in the areas of supply chain, print and packaging and e-commerce; essentially offering a complete set of end-to-end services to SMEs and large multinational companies.

Our core expertise includes; print, packaging printing, storage and warehousing, right through to the processing of orders, ecommerce, stock management, fulfilment of goods and distribution, Elanders can take the complex workflow involved in any business and manage it on behalf of any customer, any size.

We are based in the UK but are part of a global business operating in 27 locations, across 15 countries. Our local positioning means we are well placed to offer services to businesses in the UK, but being part of a global network also means that we can work with global businesses, as well as those whose operations require global supply chain resources.

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As a global Group of companies, we have a clear vision and set of values we work towards.

Last updated 3/3/2015

Elanders’ vision is to be one of the leading companies in the world with global solutions in supply chain, print & packaging and e-commerce. By leading we do not necessarily mean largest. We mean it is going to be the company that best meets customer demands on efficiency and deliverability.

Delivering world class customer service across supply chain, print & packaging and e-commerce.
Encouraging innovation and creativity whilst continuously improving processes and people, to add value for our clients.

Elanders’ core values Effective, Innovative and Responsible are a natural part of our daily work.

By Effective we mean being able to offer uniform and automated processes throughout the entire production chain from order and execution to invoicing.

By Innovative we mean continuous development of our technology so that it suits each customer’s unique requirements. We readily take on the challenge of solving our customers’ different problems and being pioneers with innovative solutions and offers.

By Responsible we mean that we always put the environment and customers’ needs first. The reason Elanders today can be found in 15 countries on four continents is because Elanders followed its customers out into the world in order to meet their special needs on location in these countries

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