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We’re not just order takers. We listen, nurture and develop ideas in order to meet your business objectives – not our sales targets.

Offering our customers the best help and expertise for their business can only come with the very best experience and knowledge of print & packaging, supply chain and e-commerce – something we have invested time and money in gaining at Elanders.


Case Study – Tor Coatings CaseStudy_Experts

Marketing professionals know what they want, and they know what the end product should look like and how it should be used. How they get this finished product, is where we come in.

Tor Coatings approached us to help them create a merchant brand portfolio. The purpose of the box was to provide independent paint retailers with all of the literature needed to find the right product from Tor Coatings’ range.

Other than the purpose of the portfolio, Tor Coatings were open to ideas on how it would come together. They didn’t have time for the detail, so they happily left this part to us.

They knew that the person assigned to their project was knowledgeable and had extensive experience in print and packaging. Not only could we create an idea for a box, but we could get it finished to an excellent standard too.

We created box-file using paper over board and magnetic closure. It serves the intended purpose, but it also looks the part, with a glossy finish and sophisticated closing mechanism.

Brand Director of Tor Coatings commented: “What I love about Elanders is they just get it! They listen carefully to our requirements, when we brief them, and then they go away and get on with it, not bothering us with trivial details. Time and time again they come back to us with concepts that blow our socks off and the end results speak for themselves.”

Last updated 1/11/2017

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