Benefit #2 - Investment


Whether this is people, machinery or new ideas; we’re dedicated investors. We know the world doesn’t stand still so we’re constantly working to keep ourselves at the forefront of print & packaging, supply chain and e-commerce and making continued investments across the board to do this.

Our most recent investment was the relocation of our Elanders Packaging site to a larger and more purpose built premises. In this premises, we added digital packaging and labelling capabilities to increase our potential to add value to your work.


Case Study – Fox Fitzgerald

Fox Fitzgerald Whisky Trading is an exciting and authentic whisky business delivery quality whisky brands to customers all over the world, including their own brands. _TBP9532

They have worked with Elanders Packaging previously to create litho printed tube wraps for Peat’s Beast whisky as well as other products, but when they paid a visit to the new site recently, they were highly impressed with the new digital capabilities on offer and decided to try digital printing for two new whiskies.

Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte, two new products created by Fox Fitzgerald for their Strangeways brand have stunning tube wrap and label designs that were printed and varnished using Elanders Packaging’s brand new digital machines. Using the new equipment meant that, not only could they achieve cost efficiencies for their smaller print runs, but they could also add unique numbers to each individual tube wrap and bottle label; a feature that is important at resale stage.

Fox Fitzgerald commented: ‘In our business, we understand the importance of brand building and shelf appeal, so our packaging; from design to the finished product, has always been such a crucial part of delivery quality whisky products.

Working with a packaging printer who can keep new ideas coming is great for us because we know that we never have to limit our creative scope. The new kit available at Elanders Packaging has opened so many doors in terms of design and finishing, and even with new creative marketing concepts which make use of variable content printing. It’s great to know that there are no limits’.

Last updated 1/13/2017

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