Benefit #3 - Reliable

Benefit #3 - Reliable

Whether through our dedication to strict quality guidelines, or our unparalleled customer care, we guarantee a reliable service consistently.

We understand that your print, packaging and surrounding requirements are crucial to the success of your business and we work with you to achieve the level of perfection you deserve.


Case Study – CGP

Coordination Group Publications produce the UK’s most popular study and revision products — from Primary School to A-level and everything in between.

CGP_03CGP are meticulous about the content of their books, and the same applies to the quality of the physical products.

Demand for their new and existing titles is consistently high, and each book must be printed, finished and shipped to an exceptionally high standard and to strict deadlines. To achieve this level of quality, CGP require a supplier of the same calibre. Working with Elanders not only ensures quality, but also a relationship which is founded on trust, experience and understanding, developed over time since CGP’s beginnings as a business in 1995. It is this relationship which helps them ensure a reliable service and quality, time and time again.

Elanders have been praised for their speed and efficiency, and their willingness to work alongside CGP in solving any logistical problems that may arise naturally from a sales surge or a squeeze on their internal deadlines.

CGP commented: “Elanders’ focus on quality of service and finished product is such an integral part of our business. They understand us, remain flexible at all times and are always quick to respond.  They stand out as a supplier as they are so solution driven — a true business partnership in every sense of the word”.

Last updated 1/11/2017

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