Benefit #5 - Global

Benefit # 5 - Global

Elanders UK is part of a global Group of companies. With production sites in 36 locations worldwide, we can manage anything from small, local assignments, to much larger and globally demanding projects.

Our global spread also means that we have a wider range of capabilities available and can therefore offer any service needed, in-house. Because our production stays within the Elanders group, we can maintain a consistent supply, meaning your work is in safe hands, with us all the way.


Case Study – Westbourne Drinks

At Elanders we often come recommended. Having been referred to us by another Elanders client, Westbourne Drinks approached us for a gift bag that they wanted to launch a premium golden Caribbean rum, The Duppy Share.

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While our local capabilities cover most types of luxury and shelf-ready packaging, gift bags are not something we produce in the UK. Having close links with our China site however, meant that we were able to project manage the production on behalf of Westbourne Drinks, with another trusted Elanders site.

The customer was more than happy with this approach; knowing that we were experienced in this global exchange and that all tricky factors such as VAT and import tax could be handled by us. Our relationship with the team in China also allowed us to get exactly what the customer needed; for example matching the bag artwork with the label – giving the finished product a premium look and feel – something that is vital when launching a product of such value and luxury.

Westbourne Drinks commented: “We are thrilled with the Duppy bags; they are a brilliant extension to our brand world. The beautiful finish, vibrant colour and foiling work all bring the Duppy brand to life – turning our bottles into fantastic Christmas gifts”.

Last updated 1/11/2017

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