‘Aspirational and exciting’: words used to describe our packaging!

7/25/2014 1:10:46 pm

Bunnahabhain 40 Year old whiskyPackaging for the Bunnahabhain 40 Year old whisky, which was developed and produced by Elanders McNaughtans has received special commendation in the Drinks Business Design and Packaging Awards.

Burn Stewart Distillers, makers of Bunnahabhain whisky are no strangers to receiving awards for both their product and its packaging. Having received over 60 awards in 2013 alone, there’s no questioning their commitment to quality. One of their most recent celebrations however, was enjoyed following a special commendation for their packaging: in particular for a design that was created for the Bunnahabhain 40 Year Old Special edition whisky. The comments received from the awards was, ‘the judges decided to award a special commendation in this category, and that goes to a design that was deemed both aspirational and exciting’.

Development of the idea

Several printed proofs were created in order to try and achieve the effect that the client had hoped for. The original concept suggested the use of 5-6 foiled colours that would hopefully achieve the effect they had anticipated. After some unsuccessful attempts to produce the original concept however, Elanders McNaughtans worked on an alternative which involved an overall silver foil and a design that was made up from several vignettes repeated across the pattern. This was then overprinted with the copper and gold to achieve exactly what Burn Stewart had wanted initially.

Kevin Rogers, Managing Director of Elanders Ltd commented, ‘The team at Elanders McNaughtans did an excellent job in suggesting design and printing methods in order to go the extra mile for the client. We are thrilled that this helped them not only achieve their overall goal, but that it also went on to receive a commendation. We’re very proud to have been part of this project with Burn Stewart’.

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