Astrid Lindgren’s World

Elanders Sweden were asked to produce a specially-made invitation box for Astrid Lindgren’s World and the opening ceremony of the new park area Katthult for the communications bureau Right Thing United. Katthult is one of the largest investments ever made by Astrid Lindgren’s World and the inauguration was a very important opportunity for marketing communication so it was crucial that the invitation woke the interest of potential visitors.

The target group was a bunch of very busy people and since participation in the ceremony took two entire days, it was vital that the invitation helped to communicate how fantastic a visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World is and how much fun the opening ceremony would be. Since Katthult is also a very large investment for Astrid Lindgren’s World it was extremely important that the event was successful. The invitation had to be just perfect and because the Elanders Group have extensive experience in producing quality print and packaging, the project was a huge success for all involved.

“Due to the special circumstances Elanders was the obvious choice since they are known for their delivery reliability and feeling for quality. We were confident that Elanders’ long experience and excellent workmanship would result in a product with a level of quality high enough to create the right expectations of a visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World and Katthult.” – Simon Syrén, Right Thing United

“We are very pleased with the final product! Our guests really enjoyed the invitation box. Its unique appearance made people curious about the event and was part of the reason the ceremony is so well remembered. On top of that a lot of people came, which was one of the main purposes of the invitation box.” – Nils-Magnus Angantyr, Astrid Lindgren’s World

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