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Central College Nottingham is based at ten sites across Nottingham, educating over 20,000 students. For a fresh new approach to their course information, they asked us to create an impressive and cost effective alternative to the traditional prospectus style they were using.

After collecting customer data and metrics, we can now create personalised guides for the college’s prospective students; providing them with a tailored prospectus featuring their name and only the subject information they have shown an interest in, making the final product highly targeted.

These condensed, digitally produced prospectuses are smaller and lighter which has a positive impact on postage costs for the institution. Collecting information at this stage can also make follow up emails and digital marketing much more targeted too.

Traditionally, printing in bulk was always considered more cost effective per unit. Now however, we have invested in online systems linked to sophisticated digital presses which can produce exceptional quality print and allow for variable quantities week on week.

Chris Hewitt, Managing Director at Elanders UK, said: “Printing only what you need means huge savings for the college. What’s more, personalising the content makes it very appealing for the end user, especially at a time where people have greater expectations when it comes to the messages they receive from brands. We collect so much data from people, it make sense to use it in a positive way to build trust”.

As well as compiling the data, printing, finishing and posting the finished product, we also offer the college the ability to track how successful its marketing materials have been. Print spend becomes more traceable when a definite number of prospectuses are being created and these numbers can be compared with the students who enrol at the start of the year and, with personalised information included in each prospectus, the student journey can be mapped from start to finish. Analysis of these results will allow the college to improve their future communications with students.

Head of Marketing and Creative Service at Central College Nottingham said: “We are impressed that Elanders handles the whole process from start to finish – from collecting the data to producing, storing and sending on our prospectuses.

We were pleased with the support we received whilst planning and setting up the system, and once we sent over the artwork it was up and running within a month. It is a great addition to our other marketing and course materials.”

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