Good Day Organics

Good Day Organics is a producer of organic skin care which brings together a selection of the world’s most renowned certified ingredients; using them in products which are effective, suitable to all and kind to the earth.

With a number of key principles at their core, Good Day Organics seek to offer ethical products to customers whose own values are centered on sustainability; from the moment the product materials are sourced – right through the packaging and bottling.

It was vital therefore, that the packaging and labelling used for the Mount Purious Skincare range reflected the product’s values.

By working with Elanders, Good Day Organics have been able to stay true to their core principles, whilst also creating an all-important brand identity for the Mount Purious range, through labelling and outer packaging.

The outer boxes are printed digitally which means that Good Day Organics can make the use of variable data printing which allows them to print random quantities of different product packaging, depending on their product demand.

They may need 100 of one box, 245 of another and 87 of another. With variable data printing, they can do all of these on the same run which means there is no minimum order quantity required per box. The benefit of this is that there is not a huge surplus of packaging for each box which needs to be stockpiled, or worse, thrown away if not used.

While sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging is a crucial factor for Good Day Organics, it was also important that the products are presented with outstanding quality. Elanders worked closely with the client to make sure they were satisfied with the finished product and it matched their specifications.

Good Day Organics commented, “It was important to us to work with a local company we could develop a relationship with; one which has the same high expectation regarding environmental standards and service. After a single meeting with Sean we knew Elanders were the company for us. From the very start they have handled our bespoke requirements very professionally, and the finish on our packaging and labels portrays the style and quality of our products perfectly. As we continue to grow so do our needs, and we look forward to working with Elanders in the future.”

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