Graduate Prospects

Prior to working with Elanders, the Design and Advertising Manager of Graduate Prospects experienced numerous printing quality issues.  As the directories are heavily read by individuals, as well as those visiting careers centres and university and college offices, it is important that they are produced to withstand extensive usage.

Over the years they have developed the selection of titles they offer in order to suit the changing needs of the market. Where they once had produced individual guides for each area of employment, they have since condensed these subject areas into larger, more  industry specific guides which now cover a wider range of disciplines and so highlight the greater number of opportunities available to the average graduate. For this reason, the directories need to leave a lasting impression and reflect the quality and authority of the information they contain.

Elanders understood very quickly that the main aims of the Design and Advertising Manager were related to quality; to produce guides which were eye catching, as well as being highly durable. With our in-house capabilities, we are confident in meeting these requirements time and time again.

Our relationship with Graduate Prospects is now in its 23rd year. Over the years their business focus has changed, but we have been proactive in sharing our expertise in order to help them meet their objectives. Our level of commitment is something that has earned us praise from our regular contact at Graduate Prospects, who responded with: ‘consistent quality guaranteed, established relationships and their willingness to help when issues arise’, when he was asked what were the features he most appreciated from Elanders.

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