Check in with us: the latest packaging trends 2015

8/20/2015 12:50:35 pm


With just under one month to go until Packaging Innovations (16th and 17th September at London Olympia), we thought we’d outline three of the most common luxury packaging trends in the industry to give you an expert’s guide to what the biggest priorities in packaging are right now.

As providers of quality packaging for high end drinks and luxury products, Elanders are well equipped to give you the latest on trends that are shaping the industry right now.

At Packaging Innovations, our airport themed stand (located on stand H35) will represent us across the globe, with key packaging experts from our UK and China sites available to talk through any questions you have.

But before you grab your passport and suitcase, here’s your chance to swot up on the latest packaging trends of the moment to prepare yourself for this year’s event.

Packaging trend #1 – Good quality packaging is in demand

The Packaging Innovations event itself has doubled in size since 2010; proof that designers, manufactures, brand owners and marketers are putting a much bigger emphasis on packaging. It used to be a case of protecting the product in the most cost effective way you could find. Now, brand owners know that it’s as much about what’s on the outside as what’s on the inside.

At Elanders we keep our ear to the ground. The recent growth of our Elanders Packaging site in Scotland is just one example. Our Scottish site has always focussed on luxury packaging and labelling for Scottish whisky distilleries, and with the recent move to Bellshill, Elanders has invested another £2 million in new premises and new equipment.

With this move we have gained valuable space and added new machinery to handle our production demands from customers across all industries; Scottish whisky, premium spirits, cosmetics, confectionery, electronics and luxury goods.

Packaging trend #2 – Global packaging demands are on the rise

The world is shrinking thanks to modern technology. Consumers can order products from anywhere in the world and the world’s connection infrastructure means this is no longer something that can’t be fulfilled quickly and easily.

But when it comes to fulfilling these orders, you need a supplier who can create this beautiful and awe-inspiring packaging from anywhere in the world.

Elanders is a company which takes pride in its international roots and that’s we’ll be showing that from our airport themed stand at the Packaging Innovations event. With our experience and dominance in the supply chain world, we’ll also tell you how we can handle much more than just the creation of your product’s package – we can actually help you sell globally too.

Packaging trend #3 – Print innovation is the key to creative packaging design

While luxury and bespoke packaging may be all the rage right now, we know that not every brand has the budget for this type of production. But don’t let that stop you. Within the world of print there is no limit to the innovative techniques that can be brought into the manufacturing process in order to achieve quality and luxury looking finishes that don’t cost the earth.

Depending on the material you use, the printing methods and the artwork, we can help you get the most desired finish in the most cost effective way. We can also print digitally which helps you get more value from your work by creating targeted packaging using customer’s names and other personalised information. Printing digitally can also help you keep costs low by allowing you the option to do shorter print runs if needed.

So with a good track record in producing packaging of the highest luxury and quality, not to mention a global network of Elanders packaging facilities and a strong connection to the newest and most exciting technologies, we’re a great ally to have at a time where packaging importance is taking off in a big way. Come and visit our Elanders Airport and see where we can take you.

We’ll be waiting to check you in at stand H35.

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