Cosmetics packaging – it’s what’s outside that counts

3/5/2015 3:15:19 pm


Cosmetics packaging - it's what's outside that counts

Recent research taken from a study by the International Journal of Market Research shows its more about what’s on the outside when it comes to consumer choices for cosmetic products.

While smell is considered a highly relevant factor for customers making the decision on which cosmetic item to choose from, this research suggests that it is actually the packaging design that really helps the buyer make that final purchasing decision.  

The value of packaging for attracting customers and being seen above competitors is nothing new. But if we are to believe that the role of the packaging still remains vital in the final purchasing decision process, then how do you make sure it isn’t just a good first impression, but a lasting impression, that your packaging makes?

High spec finishing

Using a number of traditional and modern print finishing techniques can up the game for any product packaging. The quality spirits industry is no stranger to the use of foil blocking, embossing and high spec finishes, nor is the high value cosmetic industry. Using effects like this to help your brand get the representation it deserves will leave a lasting impression…which will hopefully last all the way to the cash register!

But what about brands that don’t have the big budget for fancy finishes?

Well, as technology and materials in the print and packaging world evolve, more and more options are becoming available to a variety of budgets. By selecting the right materials, you can achieve foiled finishes without the foiling. Sound unlikely? Just ask us. The benefit is that it not only cuts down the material costs, but removes processes too – making it cheaper by far.

Make it personal

It’s easier to target individual customers more and more these days, thanks to the advancements in technology for the printing world. By using variable data printing you can print packaging and labels for your products with names or even images provided by the buyer, or just provided by you.

We only have to look at the huge success Coca-Cola had with their named bottle labelling to see how effective this is. There’s nothing stopping your cosmetics brand from doing the same to increase the chances of that final purchasing decision swinging in your favour.

Make it interactive

There’s been a lot of buzz over the past couple of years over interactive print and multi-media marketing options. A few brands have taken this a step further and brought interactivity to their packaging too. For some companies, packaging is one of the main marketing channels, so why not then encourage your customers to visit your website or social channels, directly from your cosmetics packaging?

Many customers are keen to shop online, so once they have the right details and your fantastic products in front of them, why not make it easier via your packaging, to get them online to continue shopping?

Whatever your thoughts on modern techniques and interactive print, the most important factor for your packaging remains: you need to reflect your brand’s identity and values, while standing apart from the competition. At Elanders we work with you to meet your core objectives, whether this is quality and luxury, environmental sustainability, or cost effectiveness.

If you have a packaging project in mind, contact us to ask about how we can help you.


Source: International Journal of Market Research, Vol 57(1) 2015, pp125-143 and Cutting Edge, CIM (Wed 25th Feb 2015). 

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