Crack personalisation for your customers – make your marketing emotional

4/16/2014 11:49:51 am
Crack personalisation for your customers

Get emotional with your customers!

With Easter around the corner, you’ll be sending and receiving cards and eggs from your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re a fan of this seasonal exchange, or if you feel it all seems like a ploy dreamt up by corporations to sell more cards, the fact still remains – people love the sentiment. And why? Because it’s personal of course!

So, we know exactly how to make our friends and family smile, but this would be far more difficult in business where we have thousands of customers, right? Nope! It’s actually incredibly easy to inject emotion and personality into your print and digital communications through the use of variable data printing, targeted content and super smart timing. The benefits of this CRM approach are unmatchable and can be the breakthrough addition to ensure your brand’s customer communication programme is a sure-fire success.

So what can you do to make every communication count and really make a personal connection through print and digital communications?

The initial stages of your marketing plans are integral to engaging with a customer and forging a relationship that’s worth maintaining. While making that all important journey from prospect to customer, your audience experiences on average, six to eight touch points before making the decision to trust your brand. And with other brands also trying to target your customers, how do you make your voice heard above others?

We’ve gathered a few examples of brands that have used a variety of techniques and channels to take their marketing to a whole new emotional level.

Emotive marketing methods can assist in shortening the steps taken between the initial reaction and the buying stage. Often, charities successfully utilise such methods to appeal to our emotional response. A great example of this is the RSPCA, who steadily collected data from all points of contact with its supporters to develop unique profiles of each individual. The charity’s online shop, Animalternative, then sent out personalised Valentine’s Day gifts and cards, tailored to their recipients, which successfully boosted sales by 47 percent.

Select the most appropriate channel to convey the message most effectively, whether via digital or print methods. Kotex, an American personal hygiene brand, quickly picked up on the attraction of Pinterest and selected 50 influential females on the channel to send personalised boxes of goodies to. They achieved 700,000 impressions from each woman sharing her customised experience and curious Pinterest users everywhere were eager to know how they could get their hands on their own exclusive box.


Personalised boxes for F&F, created by Elanders

This approach was very similar to the F&F project we worked on with Tesco’s clothing brand which required us to create personalised gift boxes for a selection of influential fashion bloggers, selected by F&F. The boxes contained paper dolls and a selection of F&F outfits which the recipients were encouraged to share on Twitter. The campaign was hugely successful.

Increased personalisation ensures the customer only receives information relevant to their specific wants and needs. Whether this is a personalised Easter greeting, a personalised avatar or even a direct mail that contains your name and where you work, the channels of communication open much quicker when we feel an emotional connection.

And the beauty is it’s so easy (and cost effective) for consumer facing and non-consumer facing businesses to achieve this effect for their direct mail, packaging and seasonal customer touch points, by using digital print and variable printing. So, there’s no time like the present to start your emotional journey and start getting personal with your customers.


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