Elanders print new book celebrating people of North Shields Fish Quay

11/25/2014 1:50:55 pm
Elanders print new book celebrating people of North Shields Fish Quay

Daniel Turner overseeing the print of his new book at Elanders

Elanders print new book for local writer and photographer Daniel Turner, who has turned the lives of his friends from the Fish Quay into a stunning showcase, with his project, Fish Quay Folk of North Shields.

North Tyneside based Elanders Ltd were delighted to handle the print of the book which, within its 180 pages, celebrates the lives of thirteen local people born between 1923 and 1967. The profiles in the book; local fishermen, lifeboat men and many more, all share strong associations with North Shields Fish Quay and the mouth of the River Tyne.

The book which contains 210 stunning images is a homage to the hard working people of North Tyneside, whose important and physically demanding work at sea has helped build and shape our community.

“I’ve been visiting the Fish Quay since I was young and this turned into a regular past time”.

“Eventually, I got to know lots of the people there really well and I started to write down details of their days out at sea and their experiences. Slowly, my book began to take shape”.

The book was created over time, pieced together with stories about the real lives of the North Shields workers; some conversations and photographs going back to the 1920s.

“I have known lots of interesting people and thought others may also be interested in the heritage of the area”.

Daniel, who took the bulk of the images printed in the book, visited Elanders premises in North Tyneside to see his project on the printing press.

“It was fantastic to see the production of the book. It was quite something to think that I could see the results of so much time and effort recording the lives of my friends”.

Daniel’s book is now on sale through his website White Wings Publishing and he will also be selling copies at local events throughout December, priced £12.99.

As a member and supporter of the RNLI, he will also be donating 50p from each sale to the valuable work undertaken by the Tynemouth crew.

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