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6/24/2015 5:07:49 pm

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We are pleased to announce that the Elanders website is now responsive.

The Elanders Group site (main parent site for the Global Group) and the country specific subsidiary sites for China, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and the UK, have all undergone a design refresh and extensive developments to ensure compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

This is a crucial move for the Elanders Group, to enable them to communicate in line with their target audience’s digital habits. Visits from tablets and mobiles across all Elanders sites in May 2015 reached 14%; a marked increase from the same point last year. While the bulk of Elanders Group traffic comes from B2B clients, the trend is still likely to grow as businesses adopt the use of tablets and smartphones alongside PCs in the workplace.

In addition, the change has come about as a result of the recent changes to the way that Google now ranks search results. A new algorithm will now rank how mobile friendly a site is in order to help users find the best search results for their device. If a site is not compatible, they will not feature as highly within Google’s search results.

Many Elanders sites extended their service offering to include cross media a few years back. This service offers a range of features that are designed to enhance print and packaging materials by linking them to digital campaigns. A huge aspect of this involves tablets and smartphones, so being aligned with Google’s latest regulations can only make these services better, both for Elanders as a business, and for customers.

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