Friends hit the pitch for Alfie in charity football match

8/13/2014 3:10:06 pm

Andrew Maddocks, Fulfilment  Supervisor with Elanders UK, recently took part in a charity football match to raise money in support of premature babies and their families at Sunderland Royal’s Neonatal Unit.

Andy’s friends Claire and Kel Briggs, were left devastated when their son Alfie passed after being born 15 weeks prematurely, but the love and support they felt from friends who took part in the game and donated money for the cause, has been a great comfort. The event managed to raise a total of £1500 for the hospital’s specialist unit. Andrew Maddocks gives a full commentary of the charity match below.

The day got off to a great start; both teams turned up early and very keen to play. The over 30s team was managed by Tom Simpson and the under 30s; Kel Briggs.

Friends hit the pitch for Alfie in charity football match

Kel and Tom – team managers for the charity football match

In the first half, the under 30s started the match as favourites to win, but the more experienced over 30s started off the brighter of the two teams; playing the better football and using the ball well and keeping possession. All the hard work paid off, as a ball over the top of the defence was ran onto by Alan Horn, which he finished well to put the over 30s 1-0 up. This stayed the same right up to half time.

In the second half, the over 30s’ fitness levels started to come into play as the under 30s began to put the pressure on. Their hard work paid off when they were awarded a very controversial penalty, resulting in one over the over 30s players been asked to leave the field, as he complained a bit too much for the referee’s liking! The resulting penalty was calmly put pass the keeper to bring the score level. This put the under 30s on the front foot and plied on the pressure. Half way through the second half they made the most of the pressure and went 2-1 up with a well taken goal from Marc McKinley.

They continued to pile on the pressure, but the over 30s kept them out and managed the find their second wind. The equalizer came when over 30s player, Marc Dale was brought down in the box, which resulted in a well-deserved penalty.  Here, the over 30s really turned the game around by getting the ball in the top corner and ending the game 2-2.  

The only way to decide the game from here was to take it to a penalty shoot-out. The over 30s went first and put one high over the bar. Not a good start! That was quickly put right however, with Andy Maddocks saving the first penalty from the under 30s. From here, both teams found their shooting boots and the shoot-out went to 7-6, in favour of the over 30s, with the under 30’s up next to bring it level in a sudden death situation. Thankfully for the over 30s, Andy Maddocks saved yet another goal, to win the match for the over 30s.

Friends hit the pitch for Alfie

Victory for the over 30s! The winning team

Well done to both teams who played a good game and thank you to all those who came to watch, making this event a great success and raising over £1500 in memory of Alfie.

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