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Any investment in education carries a huge weight of responsibility, at Elanders we’re proud to continue this tradition by taking on challenges big and small to help education institutions get the maximum value from marketing investments.

We have extensive experience in helping schools, 6th forms and further education colleges and universities produce attractive, authoritative and durable printed material to attract, educate and inspire future generations.

We have a strong background in providing assistance that goes beyond the traditional education printing services, including personalisation, digital platforms and storing and delivering educational materials for those producing curriculum guides for prospective students. These are not only gorgeous printed works that are eye-catching and excellent quality, they’re also durable enough to withstand extensive usage over a protracted period of time by eager hands. What’s more, our state of the art equipment is set up to handle huge quantities of this material while still meeting the most demanding deadlines.

We also print on demand for the education industry. We have invested in the latest technology and digital printing facilities to allow students to cherry-pick the content which appeals to them the most, resulting in a bespoke prospectus with the immediate impact and relevance that generic brochures lack. The benefits involved in printing to order are huge; it allows you to avoid printing in bulk and incurring obsolescent stock for those that you haven’t used and it gives you the flexibility to amend content between print runs if any crucial fee or course entry details change.

As they are unique to order, the prospectuses can be produced using the applicant’s own name, course information and another other details that they have shared, allowing you to more easily connect with students considering attending your institution..

With our cutting-edge variable data printing technology, this personalisation can then get taken to the next level, helping to shape the content and frequency of communication activity further into the applicant journey. From this point onwards the online or printed material that your applicants get can all be tailored to their stage in the applicant process; designed with their unique details in mind. We combine print and digital to target students with prospectuses personally addressed to them with custom covers and bespoke content, but that is just the beginning. Information specific to their interests and even information tailored to their own application process, such as open day event details for their chosen courses, confirmation of applications, interview details and much more can be set up to be created and delivered at the right time, helping applicants to engage with you and make it as easy as possible for them to choose your institution.

From printed brochures and promotional material to personal messages delivered by email marketing, Elanders helps you start a conversation with the minds you’re trying to inspire. We put the power in your hands to fire their imaginations at every step of the process, from application to conversion.

Get in touch today to see how Elanders can help you pass the torch to the next generation with bespoke printed material that minimises waste, maximises impact and gets your institution seen.

Last updated 3/19/2015


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