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In the travel and tourism industry, you’re competing in a marketplace where customers are swamped with choice and lucky to be making more than one purchase in a year. You can’t afford not to stand out

Elanders puts the power to move forward in your hands with printing for the travel industry, using cutting edge print and digital solutions. We’ve worked with high-profile clients offering a range of holiday and leisure options to produce outstanding material, including…

  • Brochures. Capture the imagination of the would-be adventurer with inspirational brochures printed to the highest quality.
  • Promotional materials. Reach out beyond print with innovative extras including augmented reality and email marketing tailored to destinations, busy periods or even specific customers as part of a tailored multi-channel campaign
  • Point of sale. Engage your clients with colourful, engaging material to complement the great work your travel agents are doing in-store.


We stay in touch with the industry year-round to understand seasonal trends and external challenges. We understand the rise of online bookings and assist travel and tourism providers with a multi-channeled approach to customer communications. Guide internet-savvy customers towards online sales and direct tech-shy travellers to your store or an agent for a one-to-one chat.

What’s important is that all of this is traceable. We help you stay on top of your data and ahead of the curve with multi-channel marketing options and augmented reality features incorporated into the printed media. See who responds to which tactics best, using on and offline print technology we’re investing in here at Elanders.

Track individual customers’ past bookings and preferences in order to send more effective, intelligence-led marketing communications, with customer-specific discounts narrowed down based on criteria like…

  • favourite destinations
  • family size
  • type of holiday
  • activities on offer.


Elanders is committed to working with you to control, manage and streamline your print ordering for common items like leaflets, brochures and stationery. We’re about greater impact and less waste! Get in touch to see how we can help you send your customers on their way with a smile on their face and keep them coming back year after year.

Last updated 3/19/2015


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