Little boxes made of…

5/29/2015 9:43:29 am


From the ultra-basic, to the outright stunning…all packaging has a purpose and the success of which, starts with the material you chose.

So you’re not a paper or board boffin, but you’re still tasked with creating something that helps sell and protect a product, whilst exciting and enticing the customer? Well, you need to start somewhere…

At Elanders we understand that there’s often a gap between those who know what the packaging should look like on the outside, with those who know how to make it serve its physical purpose.

Both are equally important, but for the design-led folk out there, we’ve created a set of simple samples that demonstrate the kind of products available to different products. Your products may be:

  • Luxurious and exclusive
  • Simple and basic
  • Fragile, yet weighty
  • Artistic and design-led


Whatever the desired result, there’s a material that fits your need.

But if you don’t know what’s available, you may need a bit of guidance.

Get in touch to request a set of samples, and let Elanders lead you through the complex world of packaging – we’re always here to help.

The sample boxes we’ve created are just the tip of the packaging iceberg. For more on what we do here at Elanders, check out our packaging section on the website.

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