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12/17/2014 1:59:47 pm

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With 2015 on the horizon, you’ll be putting marketing and business plans in place for the coming year. If only there was a way to predict the future and decide where your energy would be best placed…

We’ve pulled together our predictions for the marketing trends of 2015 and packaged them into bite sized, lunchtime reading material!

Mobile is here to stay

Mobile marketing is a trend that has dominated the landscape for some time and is showing no signs of slowing down.

From now until 2020, it’s estimated another one billion people will enter the online world, largely because of Smartphones. That’s a growing audience you can’t afford to ignore.

Global brands such as Nike and Audi are already using the mobile platform to create a service for their customers. Audi’s ‘Stop Start’ app was created as a clever way to highlight their newest stop-start technology, while also helping to help Smartphone users save battery by alerting the owner of apps that are still running when not in use – it is both promotional and functional, making it popular with users.

Quality content

Content is, and will continue to be, king – but only when it has something to say. The world is full of content producers, tirelessly pushing out messages to the generic consumer. Developing a documented strategy will prove successful in enabling your content to shine above the rest.

Research found that only 35 percent of content marketers have a defined strategy, but of those that do, 60 percent found it to be extremely effective in delivering results.

  • Using paid-for social media campaigns looks set to take content marketing to the next level. Research this option and decide quickly whether or not this method will take your message to the next level.
  • Don’t ignore the motion picture in 2015. Video looks set to explode as the number one activity marketers will expand on, with audio coming in a close second. Visually telling a story will entice and attract both new and existing customers, adding value to a customer’s interaction with your brand.
  • As content continues to improve, so will our methods of measurement and evaluation. Avidly consume articles detailing the ever-changing landscape of ROI and prove to your customers how your brand means business.

Getting personal

Heightened customer expectations are on the increase and with them the demand for new and innovative services which deliver upon promises immediately – think instant gratification for a customer before the ‘buy now’ button has even been pushed.

Throughout 2014, the most successful marketers were those who developed and efficiently organised customer experiences. If the buyer journey is evolving, your marketing should be too. Give your customers the feeling of control, be open with them and communicate that you care about their needs and demands. In our digital age, many are unafraid to take their business elsewhere and shout their concerns via social.

As personal data becomes more freely accessible, using increasingly advanced data algorithms will help streamline your brand’s message so that when a customer has a great experience, they will know exactly who is behind it.

New and growing platforms

Your business should be constantly researching and looking out for both new and existing platforms throughout the coming year. Although wearable tech hasn’t taken off as expected, it is still hovering behind the scenes and waiting for its moment in the technology spotlight.

Anticipate that the next trends in communication could manifest themselves in the form of tablet apps, new devices or data collection and storage services. Be ready to follow their journey, but remember – although it can be tempting to jump on board the latest viral trend, only adapting platforms that are of interest to your target audience will provide tangible results. Otherwise, you’ll be shouting in an empty forest.

The future is here, and while we can’t always be sure of what it will bring, the team at Elanders can help your business develop a strategy that will tailor your message and create marketing materials to meet the demand of the modern consumer.

If you’re still uncertain about what your future holds, our team are always eager to chat so call 0191 280 0400 or email us.

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