Elanders grows by 60% via acquisition of a global Supply Chain company with a strong presence in Asia

1/7/2014 10:15:16 am

Elanders advances its position and expands its global offer with Supply
Chain services by acquiring the Singapore-based company Mentor Media Ltd. As a
result of the acquisition Elanders will increase its annual net sales from
around 2.2 to 3.5 billion Swedish crowns and the number of employees will grow
from approximately 1,900 to 3,600. Mentor Media will be consolidated into
Elanders as of 1 January 2014, will operate as a separate subsidiary, and is
expected to contribute a substantial increase in profit already in 2014. The
purchase price is approximately MSEK 312 on a cash- and debt-free basis and
will be financed through a combination of external debt and a new rights issue.

“The acquisition of Mentor Media makes Elanders a complete supplier in Supply
Chain where packaging and other printed matter are often partial components. We
climb up the value chain and expand our offer to global customers. The
acquisition is yet another step in our strategic positioning to reduce our
exposure to traditional print and we will now create three strong areas in
Elanders; Print & Packaging Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions and
e-Commerce Solutions. The past few years we have rapidly transformed Elanders
from a classic graphic group to a company that offers global solutions for our
customers in print, packaging, e-commerce and now we add supply chain. Mentor
Media has a strong position in Asia, which means that around 40 percent of
Elanders’ net sales will now be generated in the growth region Asia,” says
Magnus Nilsson, President and CEO of Elanders AB.

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