Elanders UK Clients Set to Benefit from New Digital Print Engine

4/20/2017 9:59:03 am

OCE 6320 v2

[LEFT: Andrew Clift – digital manager, RIGHT: Tony Mullarkey – production manager]

Elanders UK is pleased to announce the installation a new OCE 6320 Black and White digital print engines as part of its ambitious strategy to increase print capacity and improve the businesses up time.

The Océ 6320 black and white digital printer is one of the most productive digital monochrome presses in their class with an impressive run speed of 4000 SRA3 sheets per hour which will support the business in this growth period.

With the OCE’s ultra-fast speed and benchmark reliability, the business believes it can take on more jobs and turn them around faster in the digital book printing markets, so effectively keeping even more clients happy all while reducing costs and environmental impact.

IMG_1848Océ Duplexing Printing Technology uses a single-print engine to drive two imaging belts that print both sides of the page in a single pass. As a result, duplex jobs print faster and are more reliable for the UK operations.

Key benefits that the Océ 6320 will bring to Elanders UK and its clients include:

  • Precision and performance: Near-perfect front to back registration and offset-like quality with impressive image resolution.
  • Ultra-high speed productivity: The fastest duplex printer in the series, capable of printing a stunning 314 A4 images per minute.
  • Designed for diversity: Modules can be configured to fit our clients’ specific needs.


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