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As part of the packaging printing and overall printing offer at Elanders, we’re also producers of quality labels for a variety of label options.

With extensive experience in producing labels for drinks industry clients, particularly those in the Scottish Whisky industry, we’re extremely proud of our work in this area.

Label printing is a vital part of the whole packaging remit – allowing your customers to view your brand’s identity for its entire shelf-life. With this kind of long term exposure, its no wonder that many brands see the value in creating quality labels that attract immediate attention, but continue to delight over time.

In order to get the desired effect for quality labels, our finishing is just as important as our printing. Using effects such as foil blocking and embossing can create something that exudes luxury and leaves a lasting impression.

Our investment in digital printing facilities means that we can also produce personalised and variable data printed labels for special occasions and gifts – or even just for high value products where the customer expects more.

As well as being attractive and interactive, label printing must also be good enough to stand the test of time – meaning the printing quality and processes should be carefully selected to make sure your labels are durable. At Elanders we’ll make sure we take the end use into consideration, and then use our expertise to offer you advice about the best processes to adopt for the best result.

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Last updated 7/13/2017


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