Cross Media Marketing

Cross media, x-media, multi-channel marketing, cross channel, transmedia…it is known by many names, but the important thing is – what does it do?

Sometimes a name means nothing unless you have some context, and we know that the term ‘cross media’ gets pushed around by people who expect you to understand what it means but never really explain it in detail.

So, we won’t bore you with how good we are at delivering cross media campaigns with our expert team top of the range software and excellent print facilities…we’ll just give you the details on what on earth cross media is and why on earth you should be interested.
Definition: it’s a form of marketing that uses multiple forms of media to communicate with the intended recipients.

What kinds of media?

Printed brochures, flyers, catalogues, emails, billboards, webpages, adverts, text messages, direct mail etc.

But we already do that anyway, how can Elanders help?

The ‘cross’ in cross media refers to the way in which all of these messages are sent out and responded to. You will most likely send out all of the above and have a web presence, some advertising and even run events. What Elanders Cross Media can do is link them all together into one system, therefore creating an in depth and personalised campaign that really centres on one-to-one communications.

The software allows you to plan a campaign that is streamlined and automated in advance, so you don’t have to take time out to set off individual actions; each response (or lack of response) triggers a new action.

Result: every customer will only get the communications that are a direct response from their own actions.

What Elanders can do is help you plan a full campaign involving all the components you need and execute the whole things with our digital software, print facilities and ability to created personalised, targeted communications. Our expert team will also be with you every step of the way – not only to help you plan the best steps for your campaign, but also to check progress and work with you to evaluate what works and what can be tweaked for next time.

As cross media marketing involves so many channels at once, we have software that triggers personalised print for either sales collateral or direct mail, email marketing, mobile and SMS marketing and anything that you’d normally use, or like to start using. Combining the offline and online messages is easy – all you need to do is point the audience to a link, or help them get to that link through the use of a QR code or by using interactive print though, for example, an augmented reality channel.

In short, the possibilities are endless, and the best way to find your ideal campaign plan is to talk to someone who really knows their stuff.

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