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Direct marketing is a £14.2 billion industry and with the changes in technology and customer communications, it stands to only get more and more targeted, specific and exciting.

Direct mail was traditionally described as a way of distributing messages to clients and customers through leaflets, coupons, promotions, phones calls etc. The concept remains the same, but the approach has dramatically changed thanks to the ability to switch from one, to two way communications.

What can Elanders do?

We produce direct marketing for hundreds of customers. The form of which depends on what the customer is trying to achieve and how they’d like to go about it. We can create catalogues, postal direct mail, email campaigns, flyers, brochures, prospectuses etc.

What makes direct marketing part of the cross media marketing campaign is the fusion with other forms of media. This could be a pack sent in the post, plus a direct email to the same customer’s account, but by linking these two components, the software we will manage on your behalf, will automate the production and distribution of these direct marketing pieces. The email could be sent first. The customer either opens it or doesn’t. If the email is a successful channel for one customer, you’ve got what you needed. But, the email may have been ignored by another customer because they prefer physical mail. The system recognises that they haven’t opened the email, so generates an automated piece of mail addressed to them. If you have 100 people on your database and 50 don’t open up the email, that’s 50 automatically generated pieces of post that you haven’t had to worry about producing. All you need is the base artwork for the design and the right data for all of your recipients.

Your physical mail can also be your first step however. Include the customers personal information on the postal piece and you can encourage them to come onto their own unique webpage where they can find offers of products specifically designed for them. If you don’t already have their email address and wanted to collect it, this is a good start.

The above are two simple ways of beginning a cross media campaign, but there are countless options based on the outcome you need. The best option is to discuss your objectives with us and we can offer expert advice on the best way to meet these with a combination of channels.

Last updated 2/17/2015

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