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As a nation, the bulk of us are glued to our smartphones, tablets or computers, so it’s only smart thinking to consider email marketing as a good way to capture your audience’s attention.

But word to the wise – we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been bombarded by spam emails that have little or no relevance to our interests and habits. Clever email marketing will put in place effective measures to ensure this doesn’t happen.

At Elanders we offer email marketing solutions as part of a cross media marketing campaign. Whether they are potential new contacts or long standing customers, being able to communicate with your audience in this way can be extremely beneficial, as long as it is done in the right way.

We recommend you speak with one of our experts about running a full cross media marketing campaign, but if you’re just looking for information right now, try our tips on how to approach email marketing;

1 – Make sure you give your audience somewhere to safely and quickly unsubscribe. You may think your content is fantastic and everyone should want to know about your business, but there will always be some people who would rather not receive emails at all and it is important to respect this.

If you let them unsubscribe without fuss they will trust you and you will also be able to avoid the unpleasant ‘spam’ label that no-one wants against their hard work!

2 – Monitor everything. Take note of which buttons your audience clicked, how many people clicked, how many didn’t. If you have a small database, you can even go as far as trying to understand why particular people didn’t open the email. It could be just that they don’t like emails. They may prefer SMS messages or direct mail, so try these as part of your cross media marketing campaign and build up an understanding of customers as individuals who all have their own communications preferences.

3 – Don’t send an email and leave it at that. If you’re a B2B company you can set up lead tracking on your website so that you can monitor where your recipients travel to after they have received your email. If they seem to visit a certain page on your website, you’ll have a good idea about what they are interested in which will help with future marketing or the next conversation you have with them. If you’re communicating with consumers, it might be an idea to build on actions following on from the email; such as a competition. The competition entry will require you to collect data and therefore you’re off to a great start in collecting customer data.

We’ve selected the very best system to help you get exactly what you need from a cross media campaign – one of the most important being your access to an online marketing dashboard where you have real time access to open rates, click throughs and any other activity from the campaigns we have built for you.

The above are just some ideas about how to get the most out of your email marketing, but there are plenty more when your email marketing is part of a fully planned cross media marketing campaign. Ask us about how this could work for you.


Last updated 2/17/2015

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