Lead tracking with Elanders

No more guessing! See your business’s leads straight from your website.

Websites are often the first stop for your new customers – whether they are visiting for general info, an inquiry, or to do some more digging, following a meeting with your sales team. Either way, it goes without saying: your website can be a great door opener for new business.

With all of the technology available to track how effective your website and surrounding digital marketing is, we are all far more in the know about what is working and what isn’t. But, what if you could go one step further and see exactly who is viewing your site – helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your content and marketing messages even further?

At Elanders, we offer a fantastic stream of automated marketing messages with our cross media marketing tools, but in order to enhance your understanding of its effectiveness, as well as leading you right into the path of the customers who found you through this activity, we also offer a lead tracking software that holds information on thousands of businesses globally.

Can I use it for my consumer facing site?

Unfortunately, we only track business registered IP addresses, so this tool is for B2B organisations only.

Why do Elanders offer this?

As well as our storage, fulfilment and supply chain related services, we provide print, packaging, digital print and digital media support through cross media platform services. Our cross media support is designed to drive traffic to your website, so it is only natural that we’d also want you to get the maximum value out of this traffic by helping you get visibility.

For this, we help you see leads and the areas of the site they visited and for how long. It is just an added value to the overall print and digital communication support we provide.

What are the main benefits of using lead tracking on my site?

  • Boosts online ROI
  • Identifies and prioritises new, quality sales leads
  • Increases overall sales and lead conversion
  • Reduces time spent on cold calling
  • Helps identify, upgrade and cross sell opportunities with existing clients


Ask us about your lead tracking and how we can help identify and nurture those potential new customers.

Last updated 3/19/2015

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