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Databases are the lifeblood of well executed cross media marketing campaigns. You can chose the best and most effective channels, have the best artwork and copy…but if you don’t have the right data, your campaign will fail to take off.

If you’ve ever been recipient to an email that looked something like this: ‘Hello Mr Sarah’, then you’ve been contacted by a company whose data hasn’t been checked quite as accurately as it could have been.

And it is not uncommon. Apparently, 94% of organisations still suffer from common data errors. It’s easy to make such mistakes, because at the heart of digital marketing is a computer, and computers don’t necessarily understand how to accurately address people (yet!).

With 47% claiming to be annoyed by data errors addressed to them, it is worth getting it right, if not just to annoy less people, but to also maintain a professional image.
At Elanders we help people send out direct mail flyers, catalogues, brochures and emails. We wouldn’t be the helpful and reliable lot we were if we didn’t also help you get your marketing databases right too.

If you have a campaigned planned with us that involves a portion of data, however big or small, we can help you cleanse it before we start the campaign. There will also be many opportunities within campaigns to clean your data/update/remove or add more recipients.

Have data concerns or just need some information? Ask Steve!

Last updated 2/17/2015

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