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Mobiles phones are now an extension of our social, personal and professional lives so it stands to reason that if you can effectively work in mobile and SMS marketing into a fully integrated cross media campaign, you may have the key to the perfect customer communication method.

But like email marketing, mobile and SMS marketing should be approached with caution. The last thing we all want is to be hounded 24/7 about products or services that you want or worse, we don’t want.

At Elanders we consider mobile and SMS marketing to be a part of a more extensive and thought-out campaign. It may be a way to alert a customer that something exciting (in the form of a direct mail) is coming their way, or it could be a helpful reminder to book onto an event/select catering options for an event etc.

Whatever you use it for, the same rules for email marketing apply; allow the audience to unsubscribe easily if they wish so that those who would rather not receive messages can be quickly removed from your list, leaving you to contact them in their preferred ways.

If you want advice on how to bring mobile and SMS marketing into your campaigns, please get in touch with Steve who can give you expert advice on what would be best for your business.



Last updated 3/19/2015

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