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At Elanders, we believe convenience is key. Not only for fulfilling our objectives, but more importantly – yours. To do this we have a variety of skills, barcode printing being just one of the ways we can organise your print and fulfilment.

A barcode delivers this convenience through the creation of a digitally readable set of data that allows for the accurate and sequenced printing and sorting of a range of products.

Within our digital print department, we have software to generate 2D barcodes printing for documents, labels and packaging. This software doesn’t only help those customers who require a uniform product code (UPC) on their documents or packaging, but it also helps us when we need to sequence print that is also required to be passed to fulfilment for additional pick and pack services.


This method is particularly valuable for variable print documents that require covers to be matched with inserts, or, as mentioned above, products that require additional non-print components before distribution.

An example of how we use barcoding to help organise and streamline our print and not printed products is our work with Worcester Bosch. For Bosch, we print boiler manuals which need to be accompanied with spare parts and various products that must correspond with the right manual. The volume and variety of print that is carried out on a daily basis for Bosch would make this a complex task for Elanders if it wasn’t for barcode printing and barcode recognition software which marries up each pack to the right components – making sure we get it right each and every time.

Last updated 3/19/2015

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