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Quality leads are the holy grail of direct marketing and the key to nurturing them is through trust. So, ask yourself this; who would you trust more; the business who knows your name, or the one who doesn’t?

Personalised calendars produced by Elanders

Variable data printing by Elanders

At Elanders, we offer a level of personalisation that will help your customers and leads feel loved. Knowing and effectively using someone’s name is only the beginning.

Personalising print content using digital print processes can improve response rates up to 30% and can even increase customer loyalty by up to 26% short term, and over 50% longer term.

We know from our own marketing and the work we do with others, that getting a response to print can significantly improve your business, provide quantifiable ROI and help shape marketing activity for the future. With clear evidence like this, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t doing it!

What can Elanders do to help me get started?

If you have the data, we can print it, which means you can personalise to the level of someone’s job role and company, or even their recent buying behaviour.

It is the perfect tool to put you one step closer to engendering that all important trust between you and your leads and help you to increase your campaign response rates by up to five times that of a standard direct marketing campaign.

We can help you look at your current data and identify areas where you can add value with personalisation. Our full range of services can also help you obtain new contact information through lead generation work, initiated by cross media campaigns.

Last updated 1/13/2017

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