Environmentally friendly packaging

As industry moves into the future, it’s never been more critical to consider your brand’s green credentials and make what adjustments you can to reduce the footprint you’re leaving on our planet.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging – made from sustainable materials and encouraging further uses


Elanders is making an environmentally friendly manufacturing process one of our key priorities. We look at each stage in the process individually, as well as how everything fits together, in order to make sure we’ve got the most efficient measures in place.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed. We were awarded the title of Green Manufacturer at the Made in the North East awards in 2013, in recognition of the steps we’re taking to mitigate our impact on the environment and improve our processes year on year.

We take a holistic view of what being eco-friendly really means. Packaging that we produce can either be environmentally friendly due to the material used, or the effects used to finish the end result.

By making innovative use of sustainable materials, we give clients a huge range of green options without forcing them to compromise on quality. This includes…

  • Using recycled materials to produce printed items.
  • Introducing re-usable materials where appropriate to the product.
  • Producing packaging which is as easily recycled as possible after use.
  • Using fully biodegradable materials (if it suits the product’s end use).


We’re also pioneering ways in which clients can reduce their carbon footprint through the techniques we use. Processes used in finishing packaging, like lamination and foil blocking, can be damaging to the environment due to the number of chemicals and additional materials used. None of these effects are terrible, but we’re proud to give clients other options.

For those with a truly green ethos driving their brand, we might suggest materials which are metalised to begin with. Here, the only process involved in getting to the finished state is printing, so what isn’t covered with ink with be left metalised and appear like foil. Not only does this cut out additional materials and processes, but it avoids additional process costs and can work out a lot cheaper too!

Contact us today to see how Elanders is a driving force within the eco-friendly printing movement, and find out how we can help you create environmentally friendly packaging and  boost your green credentials!

Last updated 1/13/2017

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