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With more competition than ever in a smaller, more crowded retail space, it’s never been more critical to maximise your shelf appeal and produce packaging to reflect the quality of the product inside.

Gift box packaging printing and creation from Elanders

Gift box packaging printing and creation from Elanders

Here at Elanders we not only have large-scale luxury packaging capabilities but also the ability to create custom packaging for the gift box market. We help you add that next level of luxury and personal delight to gifts with both inner and outer digitally printed packaging. What’s more, we can keep everything safe and stylish with heavy-duty paper gift bags in a range of finishes featuring yet more personalised content!

Custom packaging for gift sets, seasonal products or new launches has become more intricate than ever before. Advances in technology have opened up new opportunities to make your product stand out, limited only by your inspiration. We help you stay one step ahead by constantly investing in the latest equipment and methods to cut down on waste and maximise impact, with responsive printing techniques to adapt to fluctuating demand.

Packaging adds value to the whole product even when it’s been opened. The psychological effect created by a product arriving in deluxe, bespoke packaging can’t be underestimated, especially in luxury industries like…

  • Quality spirits. In addition to the luxury spirits packaging experience as a whole adding value to the end product, custom tasting notes let you maximise your customers’ enjoyment and understanding of your products.
  • High-end cosmetics. Help customers feel as great as they look by crafting a personal connection to the product.
  • Branded clothing. Personalised packaging turns a fashion statement into the beginnings of a meaningful conversation.

Our advanced methods and cutting-edge equipment let you offer customers something above and beyond great packaging. We understand when crafting a unique, bespoke experience, your requirements will be just as unique and we’re happy to help you realise your vision. Contact us to see how Elanders can help you put your best on show, represent your brand and connect with more customers.

Last updated 1/13/2017

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