Finishing Effects

Perhaps the most exciting part of the finishing process, finishing effects can really add a certain tone to your print – whether this is glamour, prestige, quality, fun or something to grab the audiences’ attention, we’ve got options for everything.

As there are so many different ways to get the finish you desire, we’ve created an outline of a few finishing effects to help you feel inspired. If you can see something you’re looking for, please get in touch to talk.

Foil blocking

Guaranteed to produce a quality and luxury item, foil blocking (sometimes called foil stamping) is a method that has been used for decades to give an air of prestige to a printed product.

The process involves a heated die (which would be in the shape of the artwork you wanted to be foiled) stamped onto a foil, which makes the foil stick to the surface of your printed product. The die has to be created in advance and is metallic so that it can conduct the heat which makes it adhere to the paper/board. Once you have made a die, you can use it over and over again, changing the colour of the foil if needed.

With the popularity of foil blocking, there are dozens of different foil colours to choose from. Traditionally silver and gold have been popular, but customers can chose from pink, blue, green, white, black and many more. There are also different options for silver and gold. Ask us about these and we can show you our swatches.

At Elanders we use foil blocking for many of our quality spirits clients as their packaging reflects the greatest quality and luxury, like the products themselves.

We also work with customers whose business cards involve foil blocking to give an excellent first impression and convey the luxury of their brand from the offset.


Embossing is very similar to foil blocking but it creates an imprint in the paper/board instead of a foiled pattern.

Like foil, embossing can create a very prestigious and quality 3D effect that will impress customers and make your products/print stand out from the crowd.

Embossing is achieved with the use of a hot metallic die, but unlike foil blocking, no foil is used to transfer the image across to the paper.

Drip off coating

Drip off coating is something we get very excited about at Elanders. From one of our offset presses, we can offer a clear coating in addition to the standard colours that this machine prints.

Very similar to UV coating and gloss laminating, the drip off coating allows print to have a contrast of matt and glossy effects, giving the finished product a great end result.

Unlike UV and gloss laminating however, drip off coating is far more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use as harmful chemicals like the two other options.

It works just like one of the colours on the press, so the process to add the effect is extremely simple and doesn’t involve your print being taken off the printer and added to a different machine.


Sometimes, the effect you want to achieve needn’t be part of the printing or finishing process, it can all be in the type of material you have chosen. There are hundreds of options for both offset and digital presses that can give you effects that you didn’t even know were possible.

Whether it is a rugged, recycled look, a glamorous and quality look or something a bit more fun and engaging, you would be surprised how many ways there are to achieve something special, just by selecting the right substrate. We’ve printed on magnetic paper, adhesive and reusable paper, or even paper that is designed to get wet and never tear! Our printing facilities across both offset and digital are designed to be adaptable to different papers, so we can do just about anything.

As for the papers available, there are too many to list here, so next time you come to us about a new job that needs impressive finishing, ask us about the options you have to make it really special.

Fragrance burst

Paper can feel nice, look highly impressive and give an excellent first impression, but what about going one step further and making it interactive?

Scratch and sniff can give that level of interactivity and is a great way to give your audience more than they expected.

Like a coating, the fragrance is applied to the printed product and is activated when the user scratches off the designated fragrance area.

There are lots of fragrances to choose from too; from pine forest, red wine, coffee to seaside, pizza and garlic – whatever you are communicating to your customers, you can achieve the desired smells as well as effects.

Need a chat to talk it all through? Call us on 0191 280 0400 or email us if you have a quick question.

Last updated 2/25/2015

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