Supply Chain

As part of our expansion of services to help our customers achieve more streamlined and cost efficient business activity, Elanders offers supply chain to help with any logistical requirement, no matter what size.

What is supply chain?

Supply chain is a system used to organise every aspect of the process involved in moving a product or service from a supplier to customer.

Within the system, there can be people, actions, information and processes that all need to be understood and arranged in order to make the movement as streamlined and efficient as possible.

At Elanders, we currently offer a number of supply chain systems – some that have a global requirement and great complexity, but also some that work on a smaller scale. We’re well known for producing outstanding printed products, but what a lot of people don’t know, is that surrounding this production, we have gone one step further to handle related parts of the process, according to each individual clients’ needs.

Our aim is clear; to handle the difficult elements of our customer’s logistics in order to assist them achieve the most efficient running of their organisation.

In 2013, the Elanders Group purchased Singapore based business Mentor Media (read the full story here). Through this acquisition, Elanders Group has become one of the leading companies in the world in Global Supply Chain Management. Our services include taking responsibility for and optimising customers’ material and information flows; everything from sourcing and procurement combined with warehousing to after sales service.

In the UK, Elanders currently provides supply chain services to a range of customers at different levels and we believe no requirement is too big or small.

Last updated 3/19/2015

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