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Storage and fulfilment services are nothing new to Elanders as we have been providing these services to our customers for decades. Now as part of our move towards becoming a supply chain partner, we’ve given some more information below about the services and how they differ.

As mentioned on the previous page, Elanders can provide a scalable level of supply chain solutions – the most well-known of which are services such as storage and fulfilment.

The work we have done for customers such as Bosch and Vaillant involve more than just print and the benefits of Elanders taking on this work are invaluable for the customer.

Our unique approach at Elanders is to understand the issues that clients may have in their business as a whole, and then offer ways to help that make the most of one or more of our core services. Our ability to offer more than just print have been proven to save time, money and create business efficiencies for many businesses.

With storage and fulfilment particularly, we learned that some customers required non printed items to be packaged with printed instructions or manuals. These customers, many of which manufacturer white goods or vehicles, were spending time and money shipping our print back to their premises to complete the final stage of the process. Our expertise in this area allowed us to take on this part of the supply chain so that when they received their print, it came complete with all elements of the pack – ready to be dispatched to the customer with their new product/vehicle.

Last updated 3/19/2015

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