Tempt your customer’s inner traveller with clever marketing

9/24/2014 10:14:14 am

Tempt your customer's inner traveller with clever marketing

You can’t overlook the fact that a holiday is a huge financial splurge and, for some, a rare reward. The Summer 2014 Holiday Confidence Index (HCI) showed a small decline in overall confidence levels for overseas holidays – with June 2014’s figure sitting at 43 (a one point drop compared to March 2014).

While we know customers are still taking trips and booking their holidays, we also know they have lots of choice. The question is, how do you get yourself noticed above the competition? Here’s how!


  1. The personal touch

You know that when helping someone arrange a holiday, hotel stay or tour, it’s vital that every customer receives what they feel is a tailor-made experience. This must start from the initial contact point – your marketing material.  Your customer base will vary in a number of ways; lifestyle, age, family set-up, type of holidays normally taken etc. Understand what floats your customers’ boat and adapt your initial message accordingly. Whether print or online, personalised marketing content could increase your marketing materials’ response rates by 30%, who wouldn’t want that?


Use your data and knowledge to send material with specific images of their favourite/past holiday destinations, or even tempt them with suggestions for new places based on their previous trips and stays. With variable data printing, you can create a mass mailer with as many different image and text combinations as needed, so essentially, every one of your customers is catered for before they even book with you.


  1. Online vs face to face

How do your customers book their holiday?

It may seem obvious, but each customer will have a preferred method of communication – they will use this channel to book with you, and you should use this same channel to convey your marketing messaging for best results.


According to the HCI, more than three-quarters of consumers (76%) prefer to book holidays online. These customers may be more receptive to digital marketing, either through electronic direct mails, your website, or even through development of personalised URLs tailored to the customer.


However, don’t dismiss the more ‘traditional’ offline marketing channels – the HCI also reveals 21% would rather book on the telephone or face-to-face. Print marketing still very much has a place in travel retail marketing, especially with the emergence of newer technologies that can link print such as brochures, flyers and direct mail, to your website using smartphone technology and augmented reality.


Know your purpose

We know this is an obvious one, but customer satisfaction is the result of added value; listen to the customer, observe patterns in behaviour and use reports such as HCI and direct statistics to better your marketing ROI.


Whether your priority is to simply increase awareness and define your brand personality or change your communication methods entirely, low-budget marketing options, such as bespoke digital printing, SMS or cross channel communications, propose opportunities to upload design templates to our ‘digital hub in the sky’.


Work with a trusted partner who knows your business and will work with you to achieve your business goals. In fact, the marketing and travel sectors have quite a lot in common; it’s never a one size fits all kind of business, but that’s what makes it exciting.


It’s a fact, we’re all predictably irrational, and especially when it comes to believing we deserve a relaxing break. But with the right marketing and print solutions the travel industry can really make its customers’ holiday hunger rumble.


Our services have helped a number of our customers shine. Check us out for yourself on our website and if you fancy getting our suggestions on future-proofing your marketing activity, without the worry of added expense, just give us a bell on 0191 2800400 or email us.

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