Our specialization in supply chain fulfillment provides us with the chance to play an important role in the increasing demand from different industries for kit assembly and just-in-time deliveries. Our know-how and automated equipment allows us to deliver endless combinations of printed and pre-produced parts (both plastic and metallic) in kits, right to the production line of the customer.

We also provide tailor-made management services.



Printing customization is the key to meeting customer’s needs and thanks to the combination of equipment, know-how and streamlined workflow we can provide each customer with the most suitable and efficient solution.




With our supply chain solutions we link our customers with the world.

We offer integrated and custom-fitted solutions for retail, warehousing, configuration, production, and distribution. Besides that, we can handle order solutions, payment flows, and after-sales services on our customers’ behalf. The strength of our international presence gives us the capacity to take full responsibility for any kind of supply assignment from mere transportation to complex supply chains across the world.