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Our industry is facing major challenges and safe collaborations are becoming increasingly important. Since we are a large company, cooperating with us can be a step towards a more secure future. All the companies we cooperate with are approved suppliers, preferred partners or integrated partners.

Become an approved supplier

Elanders always put the customers, the product quality and the environment first. We are ISO certified and Eco-labeled and hold our suppliers to the same high standards. To become an approved supplier, you need to submit an application and undergo an evaluation process where your finances, product quality and the reliability of your deliveries are assessed.

Become a preferred partner

Being a so-called preferred partner means that we deepen our relationship by creating a joint offering. Together we can create new offers to new customers or complement each other’s offers to existing customers. To become a preferred partner you first need to be an approved supplier. We also need to see the potential for deepening our cooperation and creating a strong joint offering.

Become a part of Elanders as an integrated partner

The deepest form of cooperation with us is when you become an integrated partner. This means that we acquire your entire business or parts of it. The aim is to consolidate the industry and strengthen our joint offerings to customers. The terms of an integrated partnership differ, but for instance your company may work as a sales company within Elanders, with commission on sales. You will then have access to our global offering, our production capacity, and our overhead functions such as IT and economy services, as well as our ambitious environmental and quality management.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating.

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Mattias Olofsson
Managing Director & Sales Manager
Elanders Sverige AB
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